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  The function of the sign system can achieve the recognition effect of "silence is better than sound at this time". The beauty of the sign system makes its final visual effect adapt to the human environment. High quality signs can assist the identification system to enhance the culture of the whole enterprise, hospital, school, scenic area and hotel. So how can we make high-quality signs? Jinan sign and sign production company put forward several requirements for sign production process to help the sign company improve its own production technology level, and help the enterprises that need to make signs to distinguish the superior and inferior signs.
  1. Requirements for aluminum alloy profiles:
  Aluminum alloy profile and common plastic material accessories shall meet the quality requirements of aluminum alloy nameplate profile.
  The angle bottom deviation of aluminum alloy profile is less than 1 degree of positive and negative deviation.
  Plane clearance < = 0.4% * B (B is the profile width).
  2. Requirements for acrylic label processing:
  Acrylic die hot bending, the size and shape of the same, no bubbles and scratches on the surface.
  After hot bending, the surface is treated by coarse sand, fine sand and grinding to ensure that the surface is smooth without steps.
  After completion, the surface luster is soft and uniform, without particles, bubbles and even light transmission.
  3. Stainless steel process requirements:
  The stainless steel plate shall be planed, bent and welded (the stainless steel plate shall be planed first and then bent to ensure the edge straightness); the arc angle R at the bending position shall be less than 1mm.
  Before welding, the oil stain on the surface shall be removed to reduce the defects such as false welding, air hole, crack and so on.
  After welding, all visible welds shall be polished smooth, as smooth as the surrounding surface, without obvious scratches.
  4. Paint baking process requirements:
  A series of surface treatment, such as cleaning surface residue, mending ash, grinding, etc.
  Environmental friendly high quality paint baking treatment is adopted. The paint room shall be free of dust particle workshop, and the surface coating of the paint shall be painted three times and baked three times, and the coating thickness shall be greater than or equal to 35 microns.
  Paint color shall meet the requirements of design scheme.
  The finish film shall be smooth and uniform, and no defects such as flow marks, wrinkles, orange peel, bubbles, inclusions, etc. that affect the decoration effect are allowed.
  5. Silk screen printing process requirements:
  Feilin is used to make screen plate, and the surface of screen printing is cleaned with alcohol or white electric oil.
  The color of screen printing shall meet the requirements of the design scheme, the font and pattern strokes shall be clear, and there shall be no deformation, sawtooth and other defects.
  There is no obvious penetration between the color of silk screen graphics and the background color.
  6. Finished appearance requirements:
  After installation, the signboard shall have a beautiful appearance, no screws, scratches, bubbles and obvious uneven color on the surface, no obvious color difference on the baking paint, and the materials used shall meet the requirements of the design scheme.
  The sign installation method is easy to replace and maintain.
  7. The graphics of all identification systems shall meet the latest requirements of "gb10001 graphical symbols for public information signs";
  8. The Chinese and English characters of the identification system shall conform to the relevant standards of the state and the purchasing unit. If there is no such standard, the translation shall be confirmed by the design unit and the purchasing unit; the Chinese and English characters and colors of all identification signs shall be submitted in writing to the purchasing unit for confirmation before implementation;
  9. All kinds of metal profiles and components of the identification system body, together with the internal steel framework, shall meet the relevant national design requirements (shall meet the requirements of wind load resistance) to ensure the strength; the closing part shall be treated with waterproof treatment;
  10. The marking system must be installed firmly and easy to disassemble. All mounting hangers and bolts of the sign and sign system shall be galvanized for corrosion protection. The installation of all identification systems shall be closely coordinated with other facilities without any hidden danger;
  11. For the part of profile used in the marking system, there shall be no burr, metal chips and other pollutants left in the notch;
  12. The surface of the finished product of the identification system, whether it is the original surface or other coating layer, shall be free of scratch and damage;
  13. The convenience of installation and maintenance shall be considered for all identification systems;
  The above is a detailed introduction to the production process requirements of signs and signs, which is provided by Jinan sign and sign production company. For more information, please click https://www.hongchenad.com Website.